Feature StandardSTD ProfessionalPRO
Unlimited Users$99
per month
per month
Unlimited projects, bugs/issues and storage.xx
24/7 Web access from anywhere in the world through a standard Web browser.xx
History. All comments are saved and logged. Keep track of your bug history in chronological order.xx
E-mail notifications. Notification of new bugs or status changes.xx
Categorize and filter bugs by type, priority, version, category, phase and product release.xx
Secured with SSL encryption.xx
Time Estimation. Track estimated time and the actual time to resolve a bug.xx
Role-based permissions. Manage user roles and access for each project.xx
Language: Input your information in any language. BUGtrack in English, German, Japanese and Swedish.xx
Easy bug addition, using rich text with editing and spellchecking tools.xx
Data import/export. Import from CSV or Excel or download data for local backup. x
Custom Fields. Add up to 10 additional fields for extra information about bugs. x
Custom Form. Report new bugs straight to the BUGtrack database through your website. x
Email interface. Report new bugs by email and they are automatically turned into trackable records. x
RSS feeds. Subscribe to updates via RSS 2.0. x
Source Control Integration with CVS, Subversion and Microsoft Visual Source Safe. x
Third-party integration with CRMdesk, customer service and online support software. x
Customized reporting for gathering statistical information with optional charts or XSL transformation. x